ASN.1 Editor plugin for Eclipse

The ASN.1 Editor project provides an Eclipse platform editor plugin for the ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) formal language.

It presents an outline page, syntax highlighting, compare view, content assist, goto declaration under cursor, bracket matching, problem markers.
The BER Dump View was added in order to simplify the analysis of ASN.1 encoded messages.

Current released version is 1.1.3 (released on 4th August 2016).

Brand new features:

  • Overall stability improvements
  • Improved compatibility with older and newer Eclipse versions
  • Overall refactoring including model and error handling
  • Navigate to declaration under cursor (CTRL + click and also F3) works also for imported declarations

See the feature page for details.

Project home

ASN.1 Editor plugin for Eclipse including the ASN.1 BER Dump View screenshot

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