Install and update

The ASN.1 eclipse plugin can be installed and updated via the Eclipse' update mechanism directly from the project site

Installation screenshots step-by-step:

  1. Help -> Software Updates -> Find and install
  2. Search new features to install
  3. Update sites to visit
  4. Specify a remote update site
  5. Search results
  6. License agreement
  7. Features to be installed
  8. Feature signing verification
  9. Restart Eclipse

Installation steps:

  • To do so select the Eclipse menu Help -> Software Updates -> Find and install (screenshot).
  • From the next dialog (screenshot) select your desired task (install or update).
  • Online installation
    • For a new install add the ASN.1 Editor update site to the list by clicking on the New remote site button and
    • fill in the values as seen in the screenshotName: ASN.1 Editor  Url: )
  • Offline installation
    • Download the archived update site as a zip file from the project download area
    • Add the ASN.1 Editor archived site to the list by clicking on the New archived site button and
    • Select the downloaded zip file and click Ok
  • Uncheck "Group Items by Category" Checkbox
  • Check the ASN.1 Editor from the list and click Next
  • Select the latest version and then click Finish
  • Eclipse will be able to use the new plugin only after it has been restarted.

Using the first method, you will be able to search for updates via the Eclipse update mechanism.

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